Problems with similar ifDescr values


13-07-2005 11:18:00

I'm running netmrg .16 and it has generally been working great, however I'm been having problems after enabling MPLS on some interfaces. After MPLS is enabled the switch created a new interface and netmrg seems to switch between the new one and the old one. For example

IF-MIBifDescr.234 = STRING TenGigabitEthernet1/1
IF-MIBifDescr.467 = STRING TenGigabitEthernet1/1-mpls layer

I want netmrg to monitor the physical interface, however it seems to switch randomly between monitoring the physical interface and the MPLS layer, which creates havoc on my graphs, as only a small portion is mpls tagged traffic.

Any help would be appreciated.


13-07-2005 13:17:40

Would ifName be more unique? If so, you can change your parameters to use this to track your interface instead. If you're doing this a lot you'll probably want to change the interface cache page to use this (although, I think we switched away from it awhile ago b/c of problems with it [i60b1e9fb71]not[/i60b1e9fb71] being unique..).



13-07-2005 15:39:42

Thanks, Doug. I modified a couple of interfaces to be tracked via ifIndex, this since is assured to be unique.

You mention changing the interface cache page to do this, how exactly is this accomplished?