Netmrg on RedHat Enterprise 3 problem


06-08-2005 14:32:46


First of all, I want to thank you for this product. I've tested a lot of monitoring tools (NMIS, CACTI,...) in the past few years. But it seems always missing some features.

With Netmrg I found all I needed, so thanks again for the time and effort dedicated to the community.

Now I can ask my question ;-)

I have an Aborted when running netmrg-gatherer.
If I trace it with gdb it terminates Normaly (????).

The only way to have it run normaly is without any device added.

Here are my specs

------------------------------------ Specs ------------------------------

Single CPU Pentium 4
RAM 256 M
HD 20G

OS Red Hat Enterprise 3

Netmrg installation RPM
---------------------------------end of specs --------------------------

Thanks in advance for your help


07-08-2005 12:02:49

I uninstalled the rpms and compiled netmrg.

It seems to be working properly now.