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26-10-2003 01:28:31

Unfortunately unless someone is logged to netmrg they cannot see the graphs. Is there a way to allow the graphs which I have been placing on my site to display to everyone that views the statistics page rather than to the people who are logged into netmrg only? The images WILL SHOW only if I'm logged into NetMRG but when I'm not logged in or I'm on another computer all all together, they don't show.


26-10-2003 12:35:26

Sorry, we don't currently support an 'unauthenticated' view of graphs. Probably the easiest thing you could do right now is create a user with 'Single View Only' permissions with a simple username/password (like publicpublic, for example) and allow them to view your group. This keeps them out of the config items, but allows them to view the graphs you would like them to be able to see.
Let us know if you need more details on how to do this.


26-10-2003 12:50:16

Is it possible to have a simple username thing setup and have it in the link to the graph so that it will load?


26-10-2003 13:00:56

Not with using NetMRG's built-in authentication; you'd have to use external-auth (read, apache auth). You can read about external-auth on our brief doc page http//
You should them be able to link to the graph prepending the username/password to the beginning of the GET string like



26-10-2003 13:51:11

I tried to look at the exauth crap and that looked too confusing for a newbie like me. May I ask if annonymous access will be available in any future versions? And if so when would a good guess be for a release? I really love NetMRG and plan on sticking with it but am just curious on possibilities.

Also is it possible to use the ExtAuth from a machine say in Texas to communicate to my home router here on another network? Because my website will display home networkstats rather than the box which the website is on...This is a question incase I do figure out the ExtAuth crap.

Also when setting up ExtAUTH, what directory am I AUTH protecting against? The regular html directory where my site is, or another? I'm not sure what to sepcify on the htpass.


26-10-2003 22:21:47

I finally setup the ExtPath and unless you login with pubic/public beforehand you cannot see anything. They still show up blank unless you are previously logged into NetMRG and that's still cached.

Here's the link http//

So the problem now is getting the images to show up through ExtAuth....Ideas?


18-03-2005 11:36:35

Ok, I know this is an ancient post and probably not watched but I was searching while trying to do something similar
and thought I'd mention the solution I came up with.
I do not know if the latest version now has anonymous graph availiability but I did not spot it the first couple of tries
so I did this instead.

This is only really wise if you only have a few key graphs you want to share on a regular webpage to everyone
and the solution is probably obvious to those who really know how rrdtool works in netmrg.
I, however , am not that familiar with it and figured there has to be others out there for whom this answer is needed.

1) go on your device tree all the way to the monitor level of the device(s) you want a public graph of
note the URL ( example )
this gives you the mon number that will tell you which .rrd file
has that info stored in

2) make a script to generate the graph you need
adding the paths you need to locate your rrdtool, the directory you want the image in, and the rrd file

( in example notice I used the mon_### I got from the webpage for both the values looked at as well as the filename )

rrdtool graph test.png --title="test graph" \DEFfar=/usr/local/var/lib/netmrg/rrd/mon_666.rrdmon_666AVERAGE CDEFcel=far AREAfar#00ff00"Bothell Temp"

- That is a really basic one look at the RRDTOOL graph man page for how to add more items, scale, axis names, etc -

3) add a cron job to generate this image as often as you want it updated and reference it in webpages same
as any other image. This is why you really only want to do this to a few images; one of
the nice things that sped rrdtool up over mrtg
was that it doesn't make all the hundreds of images every five minutes only when you want to look at the data.