New install 18.2 Slack 10.1


18-10-2005 10:50:47

Hi all, I installed v18.2 without a hitch but when I load up my browser all I get is a file list of .php files. I think its a php issue but i'm not sure anyone ran into this?


18-10-2005 12:40:11

I'm not all that familiar with Slackware, so I can only tell you some basic Apache thiings.
First, try clicking on the 'index.php' file in your list - this should give you a normal webpage, not a page of code. If it gives a web page, good. If it gives you a page of code, you'll need to research how to get the php module for your distro.
If you got the web page above, it sounds like you just need to update your DirectoryIndex directive. Find where this is defined (usually /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf) and add 'index.php' to the list (it probably already contains items like 'index.html index.htm...').
Let us know where you get from here.



18-10-2005 13:11:05

Thanks Doug it worked.