get_graph.php error


29-01-2006 15:53:30

I am using netmrg-0.17, mysql 5.0.18 rrdtool 1.2.12 php-5.1.2 and apache 2.2.0

The problem I am having is with the graphs, this is the error I get when trying to create a graph

The image “http//hostname/netmrg/get_graph.php?type=mon&id=15” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Has anyone seen this before? Any suggestion on what error I am looking for, I took a look in get_graph.php but I really dont know what I'm looking for.

Is there a manual command I can run to check that the graph creation is working.



15-02-2006 08:45:17

Sorry it's taken so long to reply; I totally missed this thread.

I imagine it's some incompatibility with php 5.1 I would recommend upgrading to the latest development release 0.19 and seeing if that fixes your problem.