Template Graphs and custom scripts


31-01-2006 14:24:27

I'm a bit confused... Maybe I'm just missing something. I added a script test that queries a numeric value from an application. I went into Template Graphs and created a template for graphing this data. I then went into the Device Tree to add this script as a monitor, so it's now collecting data. But how do I associate the data that's collected by this script with the template graph that I created? There doesn't seem to be any place to assocate test data with a graph. Or am I completely missing something here...



31-01-2006 16:52:40

OK, I'm getting a little further from playing around. Under the Monitoring section I've added a host with a System subgroup that has a bunch of snmp monitors. They're now recording things like CPU, memory, connections, etc. and the page I get when I click on the System sub-device is showing the data as expected. I also have it recording some custom data under a different subgroup and that's working as well.

I'm now trying to create some reports for all this data. If I click on the Device Tree then click on the orange graph icon next to the server it displays a bunch of Template Graphs. The only problem is that these graphs never actually show any of the data that's been collected. The titles for the graphs are correct, but all the values in the graphs themselves are 0. How do I get the data from whats being monitored to show up in these reporting graphs?