ExtPATH not working with NETMRG


27-10-2003 19:54:07

I finally setup the ExtPath and unless you login with pubic/public beforehand you cannot see anything. They still show up blank unless you are previously logged into NetMRG and that's still cached.

Here's the link http//

So the problem now is getting the images to show up through ExtAuth....Ideas?


28-10-2003 18:44:18


1. NetMRG shouldn't prompt for a login when using external auth. Did you change the value in netmrg.xml?

2. I wasn't able to log in using public/public via the NetMRG login page. Did you add the user to NetMRG?

3. There should be a HTTP basic authentication dialog box from your browser showing up instead of the NetMRG login page. You need to modify your Apache config or add an .htaccess file to do authentication (probably involving making an htpasswd file with a publicpublic login).


You may want to just comment out the authentication checks in get_graph.php so that anyone can view any graph. Other than the privacy concerns, it shouldn't represent a security problem (or not any moreso that a publicly available http-auth scheme).

Good luck, and let us know how things work out.


28-10-2003 21:26:05

Could you tell me what exactly is the portion pertaining to authentication in the get_graph.php? Thanks...slowly getting there D


28-10-2003 21:34:55

Actually I think I found them....Only worry about the four
[code13bb1c32b62]GraphCheckAuth($_REQUEST["type"], $_REQUEST["subdev_id"]);[/code13bb1c32b62]


28-10-2003 21:48:13

Yep, that should do it. Hopefully pulling that out doesn't break anything else. ;-)


28-10-2003 23:34:18

It's all working, http//www.derekgordon.com/modules.php?name=routerstats feel free to check that out. Thanks a lot guys. Now on to the task fo fixing my Photo_Gallery module of blorpscript photo gallery...trying to import that and php isn't liking the ?path=Test/ when you start browsing...oh the joys of web crap! haha


29-10-2003 10:43:16

Page looks great!

One observation though... looks like you have some nasty spikes on your ppp0 graph. Editing the monitors for that subdevice, and setting the "Maximum" field to something reasonable for your link should prevent that from happening.

Good luck in your other ventures!


30-10-2003 19:27:43

I would like to get that meter thing fixed. It seemed 1 for downstream was a bit too small for the graphing so it game out as nan on the graph and wasn't graphed. What do you suggeest for the following 512kbit down max and a 128kbit max up as their maximums? Appreciate it a lot guys, Thanks so much.


31-10-2003 09:16:06

The maximums are specified in bytes/sec, so

512kbps = 64000 Bps
128kbps = 16000 Bps

Rounding them up to 70000 and 20000 respectively shouldn't hurt, and should help account for any bursts.

We're glad things are working better now... hopefully we can get a feature in for publicly viewable graphs soon.