Using other datatype than integer


15-02-2006 06:44:50


Please correct me if I'm wrong, but all values are stored as integers (bigint(20)). Is there anyway to change this to be able to collect strings such as locations. If not, is there any plans to integrate this in a future release?

Compliments to a well done system.



15-02-2006 08:41:46

No, there haven't really been any plans to do this up to this point. Since NetMRG's focus has always been graphing, there is inherently nothing graphable about strings.
It sounds like you'd be interested in using NetMRG as part of a inventory management system, or possibly graphing system (lat/longs of locations)? Let us know what you're interested in doing - it might be something we'd be willing on implementing.



15-02-2006 09:01:29

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have been setting it up to log traffic on our Avaya IP-phones and there are a number of nice values (phone extension, devicename, firmware-version, ip-adresses etc) that would be so good to log and keep in one place.

Feels like it's so close.. I can see the values but they get malformed, ex. an extension of 12345 gets shown as 1,23k.



19-02-2006 17:55:16

I've been planning on implementing this feature for at least six months, and most of it has been accomplished this weekend. I need a way of collecting software version numbers and asset tag information using NetMRG. The way I'm going about this is with Device Properties. They are pretty much like monitors, except they are applied using Device Types instead of individually on sub-devices. They support text values, and will be searchable and displayed on the device list page. See bug#462 for some of the thoughts behind it. I'm going to commit my first stab at this to subversion later this evening. If you have a sandbox install of NetMRG, please check it out and let us know what you think.



22-02-2006 03:51:15

Thanks for your efforts!