Naming template/graph based on SNMP GET for STRING?


28-11-2006 23:34:34

I have an XMPP system that uses tables to define a list of components, one OID is the name of the component. I cannot hard code the OIDs against components because when restarting the services the order of the components in the table change (real hassle) so I need to use the string value I get from an OID to know what component I'm graphing. Does anyone know how this might be accomplished?


- Brian


29-11-2006 06:47:03

I don't think we support the feature you're trying to describe yet.
Basically what you'd like to do is index based off this component string which is probably a description, and when the service restarts the index needs to be rebuilt as to which component is at which index (similar to how interfaces work w/ monitoring "eth0" instead of oid .1). Is that correct?
The best you could do right now is write your own script that would do this indirection itself and return the result. You could either run this script directly from NetMRG or have it store in a MySQL database somewhere and have NetMRG pull the data from the database.
Hope that helps give you some ideas. The "generic indexing" idea is a feature we'd like to implement, fyi. Let me know if you need more help.



29-11-2006 08:48:12

You are correct, that is what I'm trying to do. The example you give of using eth0 instead of .1 is exactly what I'm looking at. In this case it's a list of like 21 components so tracking it is very problematic. I'm going to look at doing something like you describe since it may provide a partial solution.