Applying events/actions to multiple devices


20-02-2007 18:23:05

Hi there

We've been using NetMRG to monitor our Linux servers for a couple of years now - and it's been great.

I had a mess around with Hyperic yesterday and was on the cusp of switching, but I find it too complex in comparison to NetMRG.

One thing I need to do however is monitor all our switches (some 50 or so 24 or 48 port switches) and associated error rates on them.

I've created a new template graph which works wonderfully, setting up the monitors I need etc, but what I really would like is to be able to setup on the template a series of events and actions and have those copied over in the same way as the graphs are.

Unless I've missed something, I'm going to spend the majority of tomorrow clicking through setting up around 2100 event/action combos which is a slightly daunting prospect.

Is there a shortcut?




21-02-2007 19:11:57


There's no official shortcut. Templating the response/notification stuff is something we would like to do, I'm just not sure what it will look like yet, or when it will get done.

I've written some custom scripts in the past to handle similar situtions, but I don't have anything that adds events/actions in bulk. The schema is relatively straightforward (disclaimer I designed it, so of course it makes sense to me), so it shouldn't be too difficult to code up a PHP script to do what you need - which certainly sounds preferable to n*2100 mouse clicks.

If you have questions, please write back. It might actually force us to document some stuff in the wiki.




22-02-2007 05:45:42

Hi Brady

Thanks for the reply.

I'll take a look and see how far I get!