Assigning new templates to "old" devices


17-04-2007 15:39:17

Hi folks,

oops I'm sorry for this question, however there might one know the correct answer. I'm using NetMRG for - well a quite time ;) - and am currently in the need to re-assign some template graphs for existing devices.

Is there a posibillity to use a new template for devices beeing monitored for a longer time without loosing data? As I have no system for testing purposes, I wonder if it would be just as easy as to go to the device-cache, select the needed ports and then select the new template.

Thx in advance for help

With regards

Rainy oops


17-04-2007 21:01:48

It depends exactly what you mean.

Let's say I have a template for Interfaces that contains different error counters... runts and giants, for example. I apply that template to an interface, and all is good. I later decide to add something to that template, such as drops. When I do that, the template will not render on interfaces that were not already monitoring drops. If I reapply the template to an interface that already had it, it will add the new monitor and keep the old ones -- in the present development version. I believe at one point it would create additional monitors for the quantities previously monitored. This didn't cause data loss, provided you went into the interface, and deleted the new duplicates. I'm not sure which version the behavior changed in, but you can try it on a single interface without much risk.