Howto create templates with variable mutlipliers


19-11-2007 05:21:33

Hi folks,

I'm currently in a situation I don't know how to handle ?

I try to monitor some ESX-Servers, however the storage devices don't report their true/real values but only as a multiplier for an offset, which itself could be read out by another SNMP-query.

How can I create template graphs which have the variable for their respecting multipliers included?

As a workaround I have to create some non-template graphs with a fixed multiplier. In case, the values change on a new system it would however be a poor solution. oops Any hints?

With regards



19-11-2007 08:36:09

If you have a set batch of OIDs that would apply to a single subdevice, what you can do is
1) create your subdevice as usual
2) add a variable/property to the subdevice (from the page that shows all subdevices) - feel free to name it whatever you like ("multiplier" is fine) and assign the value of the multiplier
3) when you build your template graphs you can add your OID monitors as usual and then change the value multiplier to your variable - all that is needed is to surround your variable name with percent signs, like this %multiplier%

Hopefully that works; it's been awhile since I've tried multiplying by a variable. Unfortunately we don't have a way to multiple one monitor by another, so this would be something you would have to adjust manually.