Gatherer take incorrect values


14-07-2008 14:38:43


The problem is the following one

The gatherer takes values 0, for it the graphs not print well.

If, for example, I execute the script of availability of interface to hand it returns one. But the value that takes in the gatherer and in the graphs it is 0.

Can u help me?

Thank you for everything

A greeting.


14-07-2008 15:06:42

I assume you setup your monitor as a script test; inside that script test check to see whether it uses the return value or the standard output for what value it stores.

To check what value the gatherer is using you can run the following command by-hand on the command line
netmrg-gatherer -sm



17-07-2008 14:01:53

Well, if i run

netmrg-gatherer -sm

the gatherer takes the correct values. But, in the graphics returns 0.

Any idea?



17-07-2008 14:11:11

My guess as to what's happening here is that the '1' being returned is being averaged out over five minutes to be ~0.2 which is close to zero.

You might want to try editing your graph and applying a multiplier of 5 (minutes) to see if that gives you the values you are looking for.