MySql Authentication question


03-12-2003 09:37:12

This is my first venture into MySql and PHP, so be forwarned of my ignorance.

I followed the instructions in the documentation as closely as I could. I'm all the way to the point where I was accessing the apache server and I get this message

[code1839c87040c]Warning: Access denied for user: 'netmrguser@localhost' (Using password: YES) in /var/www/netmrg/lib/database.php on line 19

Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Access denied for user: 'netmrguser@localhost' (Using password: YES) in /var/www/netmrg/lib/database.php on line 19
DB_ERROR:: Cannot connect to the database server.[/code1839c87040c]

So, I poured through MySql's documentation which pointed me to a test to see if I had permissions properly on the database.
I ran

[code1839c87040c]mysql -u netmrguser -p netmrg[/code1839c87040c]
Which got me into the database fine.
So here is when my ignorance took hold. How does the database.php end up passing credentials to MySql? Is there something in the PHP files I need to change maybe?


04-12-2003 10:19:01

When you ran
[code1467b18118b]mysql -u netmrguser -p netmrg[/code1467b18118b]
Did you have to type a password? If not, you'll want to edit your [b467b18118b]netmrg.xml[/b467b18118b] file. If you used the source, this will usually be in [i467b18118b]/usr/local/etc/netmrg.xml[/i467b18118b]. The default password is [b467b18118b]netmrgpass[/b467b18118b].



04-12-2003 17:12:33

That was it.
I knew there had to be a file that it was pulling the password from, but I couldn't figure out where. Thanks a $1,000,000


12-02-2004 14:49:46

I am having this same problem. But my solution does not seem to be as simple.

I have deleted the database from MySQL, and rerun the DB creation part of the install, and have still not resolved the issue.

any additional ideas I might try?

Or any specific logs I should post?

Many thanks,



14-02-2004 10:39:46


Can you post the mysql command line that successfully logs you into the NetMRG database? Go ahead and post the errors you get from the php and gatherer as well.


19-02-2004 16:31:33

After installing another app I realized the syntax of the installs into MySQL for NetMRG and the other app were very similar. I read, re-read and compared and after a few dozen syntax "?"'s I found my problem.

I was not granting the permissions to the netmrg table correctly.

NetMRG is now up and working as advertized.

Thanks kindly,



19-02-2004 19:26:53


Glad to hear you got it working. If there any changes you think would be helpful to the install docs, we'd be grateful for them. Thanks )


20-02-2004 10:33:31

The content of the install docs, now that I better understand the syntax involved is perfectly accurate (you probably knew that already).

The trick is that to a Linux noob, such as myself things are not as clear as they are to the doc author.

Now, I speak fluent Cisco syntax, functional Enterasys syntax, and fluent Microsoft command like documentation. So I am not a complete novice.

Formatting the txt of the install doc, only where specific syntax is concerned so that the individual commands, to include a specific carrige return indicator would have removed the confusion that I ran into.

Or, in other words, if you are going to show me syntax please seperate the syntax from the current sentence or paragraph, put what I need to type into quotes, close the quotes at the end of the syntax line, and then tell me to hit enter.

As an example, I didnt know the semi-colon at the end of a mysql command was a necessary component of the command. I thought it was normal documentation punctuation. after a few "/?'s I figured out to hit \g to execute the command. Which accomplished the same thing I suppose.

The rest of the install doc, where you tell me to download a package, and un-tar it is fine. Now the command on how you want me to untar the package is great, and could be improved upon as I mention above. But I don't think there is any need to enhance the documentation so far as to tell the user specifically where you want packages downloaded.

Does that all make some amount of sense? I do realize that the documentation is the least fun part of any project, but a couple of blank lines of text, a few quotation marks and so no would have saved me a couple of hours of frustration.

Thanks much,