Broken links.


19-12-2003 13:34:19

If I delete a graph fom a sub-device, when I list all graphs from the device, some broken links appear.
I also noticed that the rrds are't deleted.



22-12-2003 10:41:00

Yes, deleting a monitor from a sub-device currently does no dependency checking. You can remove the broken image on the view edit page. We will look into fixing this in the future.

RRDs are not deleted for several reasons. First, there would be a permissions issue (the web interface isn't required to have write access to the RRD files). And second, people could become quite upset if they accidentally deleted an RRD file.


22-12-2003 12:36:10

Just got this error trying to delete in the edit mode
Fatal error Call to undefined function display_error() in /var/local/opmon/share/netmrg/webfiles/view.php on line 34



22-12-2003 12:39:04

Yeah... sorry about that. That issue is addressed in 0.13, which we just completed releasing today.


22-12-2003 12:41:08

Ok, thanks, I will upgrade then.