get data from sql database


09-02-2004 10:35:48

just a quick question before I start to evaluate netmrg. Is it possible to get the values to store in the rrds from an mysql database? I noticed that netmrg-gatherer has some database options and the homepage says I can make arbitrary queries against a custom mysql database. I have a big company database in which all snmp data is stored, now i'm looking for a tool to get data out of this database and build some rrds with it. Is netmrg the right thing?

Thanks for your answers!


09-02-2004 12:09:43

If this data changes over a period of time and you want to graph it, sure! NetMRG can do this.
It sounds like you have a centralized SNMP gatherer to ease load on you hardware; while we haven't run NetMRG like this, there should be no problems.
Typically, we have used the MySQL gathering feature to have external scripts that take a while to execute store their results in a database, and then have NetMRG pull it out (things like maillog processing, dns stats processing, expect scripts, etc). What you're planning on doing should work fine, you'll just need to struture things to make adding monitors easier for you.
One thing you will loose is some of NetMRG's special handling for things like interfaces and disks. NetMRG assumes you want to setup SNMP monitors for these; you would have to setup all your sub devices by hand with the appropriate parameters, and then modify your templates to use these monitors; you could then just click 'add template to' for each subdevice.
This might be getting ahead of you if you're just starting to evaluate it, but it is perfectly capable of taking data from MySQL and making a graph from it, yes.