some images not showing up


19-02-2004 20:53:29


I just installed NetMRG, and I'm having trouble viewing certain images. Well... most of them actually.

The device view doesn't work (circled in red), but I can view images one by one (blue).

Any ideas?



20-02-2004 11:32:02

The Device View page just has broken images? If so, please try to open an image link (it will contain 'get_graph.php') and append '&debug=1' to the URL. This page should tell us why a specific graph fails to render. Post the output and we'll try to figure it out.


20-02-2004 12:41:20

Thanks for your reply.

The link http//


[code15bfc00b614]The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.[/code15bfc00b614]

Adding &debug=1 gives me
[code15bfc00b614]<b>DB_ERROR:</b> Sorry, a database error occured. We cannot continue. Please contact the administrator and let them know what you were doing when the problem occured[/code15bfc00b614]

I took a look at the html source of the initial link, and it has the same database error.

I also set 'display_errors = on' in my php.ini, but nothing there.



21-02-2004 09:11:51


Try setting...
[code1bca838d59f]$GLOBALS["netmrg"]["dbdebug"] = true;

... in your config.php file (part of NetMRG).

Loading the page again with the &debug=1 should give you the query that failed, and help us find the root of the problem.


20-04-2004 08:42:07

As i have exactly the same problem, here is what &debug=1 gives me with $GLOBALS["netmrg"]["dbdebug"] = true;

DB_ERROR: Couldn't execute query:

SELECT id FROM monitors WHERE sub_dev_id=12 AND test_id= AND test_type= AND test_params=''

You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'AND test_type= AND test[/code1c47bff5c55]



20-04-2004 09:25:37

Don't know if its linked but i deleted the Template group... i recreated the whole database and it works fine now. do we absolutely have to keep this group ?


20-04-2004 10:05:06

You need to keep this group if you want your interface and disk graphs to work ;)

Since you're actually duplicating a graph view (template), without the template there, you can't show a graph.

The reason we use this 'Template Group' is for permanancy; devices typically come and go - if we make a template graph based off a device that is later deleted, all the graphs that were based on that template graph will break. So, we make our template graphs against template hosts, in the template group ;)