How to Monitor UPS Values


27-02-2004 13:33:08

I have been using MRTG+RRD+14allCGI for graphings @ 300 devices. NetMRG seems to be very useful for my use. I tried to follow the help docs but I still could not monitor certain values on a APC UPS. Here is the data from the mrtg '.conf' file for temperature monitoring on the UPSs.
Directory[] apc_ups
MaxBytes[] 100
Title[] Sind-3fl -IdfAPC-UPS Temperature
PageTop[] <H1>ABC-3flIdf APC-UPS Temperature</H1>
Options[] gauge, nopercent, absolute
YLegend[] Temp
Legend1[] Temperature
Legend2[] .
Legend3[] Max value per interval on graph
Legend4[] .
LegendI[] UPS Battery Temperature
LegendO[] .

Whats the best way to monitor theses devices in NetMRG ?
Does NetMRG do a snmpwalk and displays the list of snmp values to be selected ?
How do I use the above OID to make a UPS template.

Thanks in Advance


28-02-2004 10:47:16


This should be no problem in NetMRG.

To add the new OID to NetMRG

1. Click on [b73da8d1eac]SNMP[/b73da8d1eac] in the [b73da8d1eac]Tests[/b73da8d1eac] menu.
2. Click [b73da8d1eac]Add[/b73da8d1eac].
3. Enter a name for the value, perhaps "APC - UPS Battery Temp" and your OID.
4. Select [b73da8d1eac]Save Changes[/b73da8d1eac].

It would be a good idea to create a 'Template APC UPS' in your Template Group (instead of basing the template on a [i73da8d1eac]real[/i73da8d1eac] device that might go away some day). Create a subdevice in this device ('System' would be fine). Then, add a monitor to that subdevice, using the new SNMP test you created above. You can now create a template graph using this template monitor, and apply that template to your real UPSes.

If you need something explained more, please let us know. Thanks for using NetMRG!