How to monitor Cisco interfaces


01-03-2004 15:02:07

I am used to the mrtgs configmaker , here is hte config file that i use to monitor interfaces on a cisco switch. Please give me some tips as to how to set up netmrg to do the same.( making the template etc)
### Interface 1 >> Descr 'FastEthernet0/0' | Name 'Fa0/0' | Ip '' | Eth '' ###

Target[] 1public@
MaxBytes[] 12500000
Title[] FastEthernet0/0 "" --
PageTop[] <H1>FastEthernet0/0 "" </H1>

### Interface 3 >> Descr 'GigabitEthernet1/0' | Name 'Gi1/0' | Ip '' | Eth '' ###

Target[] 3public@
MaxBytes[] 125000000
Title[] GigabitEthernet1/0 " Backbone"
PageTop[] <H1>GigabitEthernet1/0 "ABackbone" </H1>

How to I make templates to select the particular interfaces.


02-03-2004 18:03:53

NetMRG comes with a default interface template that might suffice. The easiest way to set up interface graphs is...

1. Navigate to the device page containing your switch. (Click [b10004a7736]Groups[/b10004a7736], then the group the device is in.)
2. Click [b10004a7736]View Interface Cache[/b10004a7736]. If that link is not enabled, try clicking [b10004a7736]Recache Interfaces[/b10004a7736].
3. You should see a list of interfaces. Click the [b10004a7736]Monitor/Graph[/b10004a7736] link beside those you wish to graph.

This should automagically create the subdevice for the interface with appropriate parameters, and add graphs to the device's view.