Monitoring Portmaster modems


01-03-2004 15:53:13

I have been using the a perl scrip that somes witht eh std mrtg tar file "" to gather snmp values from the portmaster modems.

here is the sample mrtg conf file.
LogFormat rrdtool
Directory[pm508-bk] modems/pm508-bk
Target[pm508-bk] `/mrtg/cfg/modems/ ""`
MaxBytes[pm508-bk] 48
AbsMax[pm508-bk] 48
How do I make use of the NetMrg to do the same ? (let me know if you need to look at the code)


02-03-2004 18:24:38

Please take a look at the [bcc1a4faa81]Customs Scripts in General[/bcc1a4faa81] topic.