NetMRG 0.14 not using parameters on Script Test


17-03-2004 04:38:44

NetMRG 0.14 does not use the parameters field for the Script Monitor.

The trouble is in monitors.cpp167
The code is [quote1e38a5d6b0]string command = expand_parameters(info, string(mysql_row[0]));[/quote1e38a5d6b0]
and should be [quote1e38a5d6b0]string command = expand_parameters(info, string(mysql_row[0]) + " " + info.test_params);[/quote1e38a5d6b0]


17-03-2004 14:54:21

Yep, you're right.

We'll track this as bug#173 and fix it for the next release.