17-03-2004 05:29:27

hello there. i managed to install latest version of netmrg on my slackware 9.1. Well, things are fine..i mean i can view graph and it shows up.. but i need to type in the command netmrg-gatherer as root everytime i wanted to update the graph...

One more thing is the crontab issue. i tried to follow the 1st suggestion, which is the crontab -e . does it mean by running from root and typed in this command? --> crontab -e netmrg. After i typed in this, then i typed in
su netmrg
*/5 * * * * /usr/local/bin/

inside the crontab..but i still cant update it automatically..any idea? thanks.


17-03-2004 09:13:07

If you were running netmrg-gatherer as root to start, the RRD files where probably created as root, so running it as your NetMRG user now won't work (it won't have permission to write to the files).
If your rrd files are in /usr/local/var/lib/netmrg/rrd/, then the following should make things better
[code1c13a4631cd]chown netmrg: /usr/local/var/lib/netmrg/rrd/*.rrd[/code1c13a4631cd]

Let us know if this helps.



17-03-2004 22:20:28

thanks for the reply. ) well, indeed the file permissions of *.rrd files are owned by root. i changed it to netmrg now...and then i su into netmrg and type crontab -e and put in -

*/2 * * * * /usr/loca/bin/ got updated..but i need to click on Slideshow you guys think it gotta do with the polling i set on netmrg.xml(i set the value to 60) ?? or something else?



18-03-2004 10:21:53

You must have some really high-flowing interfaces to need to poll every minute.

If you changed the polling rate in netmrg.xml, this will only apply to newly created RRDs (it's just the way those work), unless you want to hand-modify them.
Also, if you have your polling interval in netmrg.xml set to 60 seconds, you should be running every minute (* * * * * in cron).
You should be able to get to your graphs by clicking on device tree, then opening up the groups that have your devices in. The orange graph icons represent devices with graphs attached to them.

Let us know if this gets you any further.



22-03-2004 21:50:38

hi there again. works for a couple for hours and then this is what i got -

netmrg@silveron/home/chun$ netmrg-gatherer
NetMRG starting.
[Dev 0015] Starting device thread.
[Dev 0016] Starting device thread.
[Dev 0015] [Sub 0026] [Mon 0115] Test MySQL Connection Failure.
[Dev 0016] Ending device thread.
Thread Ended.
[Dev 0015] Ending device thread.
Thread Ended.

What is that Test MySQL Connection Failure? I think that's the main problem..Im quite not sure why it surfaced..Btw, i set the polling interval in netmrg.xml back to 300. Does this mean i need to change my netmrg's user crontab back to */5 * * * * ?? Thanks a lot.