Can't get available memory on 2.6 kernel


24-03-2004 19:25:55

Hey, this is the same afowler that you all know; I'm using NetMRG on a server at college to stream the campus radio station. NetMRG was working perfectly on a 2.4 kernel, and I compiled a new 2.6, (my first successful compile, and it was cake; I needed ALSA).

Anyways, after I booted to the new kernel (from, the template 'available memory' graph stopped working. Every other graph is still fine. Do you all have any suggestions as to what could have caused this? I don't know enough about SNMP to find out what I need to check. I checked the individual monitors in NetMRG for the system group, and both UCD-Available Memory and UCD-Available Swap are at 0. Any help would really be appreciated!!


[code19bdb625aa0]afowler@david:~$ uname -a
Linux david 2.6.4-af1 #1 SMP Tue Mar 23 13:46:02 CET 2004 i686 GNU/Linux
Debian/unstable 'sid', NetMRG 0.14


24-03-2004 19:47:36

Hey Andy!

I have the same problem w/ FC1 and my 2.6 kernel installed from RPM. I assume it's a problem w/ Net-SNMP not knowing where to get the values anymore. The proc format probably changed, and Net-SNMP hasn't caught up.

Sorry, not much help (