Bits instead of bytes?


04-04-2004 20:02:17

I installed NetMRG the other day and so far it appears to be working well. However, I'd like to show my (cisco) interface graphs in bits instead of bytes. The way I originally added the interfaces was just adding the device, caching the interfaces, then checking the interfaces I want to monitor. Do I have to query a different oid, or is there some way netmrg can do the conversion? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


04-04-2004 23:25:35

There is a past forum topic called 'Bits instead of Bytes' and can be found here.

- Kevin


04-04-2004 23:38:28

Thanks...I searched for "bit" and "byte", didn't realize that the search wouldn't come back with partial matches.

That worked perfectly though.