problem with installation


12-04-2004 18:12:46


i have little problem, and no idea how solve this..

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/netmrg --with-mysql-include-dir=/usr/local/mysql/inlude


./configure --prefix=/usr/local/netmrg --with-mysql-include-dir=/usr/local/mysql

and always have the same error

checking for mysql/mysql.h... no
configure error MySQL headers not found. Use --with-mysql-include-dir=<path>
configure error /bin/sh './configure' failed for src

mysql.h is in include dir ..

can anyone help with this ?


12-04-2004 20:50:55

What's your install platform? What version of MySQL do you have installed?



13-04-2004 05:52:43

slackware 9.1

mysql Ver 12.22 Distrib 4.0.18, for pc-linux (i686)


13-04-2004 22:44:32

[quote35e9667388="horizn"]slackware 9.1

mysql Ver 12.22 Distrib 4.0.18, for pc-linux (i686)[/quote35e9667388]

The latest mysql version for slackware 9.1 is 4.0.15a. Are you using the 4.0.18 version out of slackware-current, or did you grab the source from and build?

What is the full path to the mysql.h header on your system?

Can you include the contents of your src/config.log file? That should tell us why the mysql headers aren't being detected.

- Kevin


14-04-2004 05:10:17

yes, i grab it from mysql site and build by hand.

full path to mysql.h is

sorry but i dont have config.log file already


16-04-2004 03:17:03

[quotefcaafcc38e="horizn"]full path to mysql.h is

Hmm...configure is looking for mysql/mysql.h. For example, if your header file was at /usr/local/mysql/include/mysql/mysql.h, everything would work fine.

Did you specify the /usr/local/mysql/include path at MySQL build time? What is the command you used to build MySQL?
I just built MySQL from source on a Fedora Core 1 box and it does install headers into the ${prefix}/include/mysql/ directory by default.

- Kevin


16-04-2004 13:40:06

I had the same problem w/ my install. I just created a link
ln -s /usr/local/mysql/include /usr/local/mysql/mysql

that allowed configure to fnd the .h file.