NetMRG comes to Debian


18-06-2004 00:41:44

Just thought I'd post somewhere that CVS snapshot 2004.06.18 and later, as well as 0.17cvs, now builds on Debian 3.0 (woody).

As I've just started poking around with Debian, it might be some time before we are able to get a .deb file created, but it's in the works.

If someone has Sarge and can test that NetMRG builds on it, I'd greatly appreciate it.

- Kevin


19-06-2004 12:07:19

Here's the list of packages needed to build as well as install. This will probably be needed to create the .deb, so I wanted to put this info somewhere.

[list9e96d41cb0]libmysqlclient10-dev[/listu9e96d41cb0] [list9e96d41cb0]libsnmp4.2-dev[/listu9e96d41cb0] [list9e96d41cb0]libxml2-dev[/listu9e96d41cb0]

[list9e96d41cb0]libmysqlclient10[/listu9e96d41cb0] [list9e96d41cb0]libsnmp4.2[/listu9e96d41cb0] [list9e96d41cb0]libxml2[/listu9e96d41cb0] [list9e96d41cb0]mysql-server[/listu9e96d41cb0] [list9e96d41cb0]php4[/listu9e96d41cb0] [list9e96d41cb0]php4-mysql[/listu9e96d41cb0] [list9e96d41cb0]rrdtool[/listu9e96d41cb0] [list9e96d41cb0]snmp[/listu9e96d41cb0]