Estimated Time on Feature..


31-08-2004 09:59:38

95th percentile being added to a release or CVS snapshot?

Thanks for the moment of time ) and for all the work so far.


31-08-2004 11:23:04

As we're currently trying to get 0.17 released within a couple weeks, I wouldn't look to having this feature added Anytime Soon (tm).
I'm going to add a bug... bug#262. We still need to work out the details on how we would want to implement this; so please bear with us while we work it out.



31-08-2004 11:26:56

Thanks for the follow up.

As for what we currently have in place here is what I would like to see

95th Perc Per graph period (ie daily weekly monthly) I am not looking to use this as a billing platform, but merely as a guidline for upgrade advice and usage tracking.

If I can give you any pointers or help in anyway let me know.