mssql tests


03-10-2004 08:07:08


I would like to be able to do some MS SQL qeuries.

TEST - SQL at present only support Mysql.

Is anyone working on this ?

Any advice on how too set it / develop it up is welcome.



03-10-2004 13:33:24

We're not actively working on MS SQL test capability. I've created bug#306 to address the issue. Unfortunately we do not use MS SQL for anything, so it will be a low priority for us.

As far as the approach, we'll likely either try to make the SQL tests generic to allow for multiple database engines, or try to get our DSO-based-plugins strategy formulated and use that. Neither is likely to happen before the 0.19 development cycle, after 0.18 is released (hopefully mid-October).

Sorry... ;(