New feature added


22-11-2004 16:00:53

I've put together a small patch to device_tree.php so that any subinterfaces with ifAliases have them displayed. My primary reason was to make it easier to find particular ports on our switches that are labeled on ifAlias. How should I submit this patch?




22-11-2004 16:37:07

The best way to submit patches is through our bug manager (http// You can attach your patch there and it will give us a chance to look over it. Thanks!



23-02-2005 15:36:44

isn't this handled through naming of the template? set your template title to %dev_name% %ifAlias% and it will show the device name and the alias if it is set


04-04-2005 18:37:29

on mine if i add that to the template it shows %ifAlias% whenever there isn't actually an ifAlias defined tho.. so I would thing either this patch or a patch making blank values actually just appear blank *shrug*