12-10-2003 10:32:25

I'd like to see pages like "edit view" and "graph items" have their action links (move up, move down, edit, delete, add, etc) replaced with icons. Ideally, of course, we'd want to use SVGs for this. I found an SVG Icons project on freshmeat that might serve this purpose.

Think these icons would work? In particular I'm thinking of the blue-circle background ones.


18-10-2003 14:41:09

Well, I thought they were a bit too bubbly. I think just some simple arrows and stuff will look better at the kind of size we're talking about (<= 12px). Maybe for the GTK/QT version ;-)


21-10-2003 16:33:12

Yeah... they might not look good scaled down to useful sizes. Oh well, just a thought.