No way to checkout svn repo.


09-07-2005 06:56:09

If someone is behind transparent proxy he will get this (like me)

[code19953c077ce]$ svn co netmrg
svn: REPORT request failed on '/!svn/bc/1163/trunk'
svn: REPORT of '/!svn/bc/1163/trunk': 400 Bad Request (

This is common problem and usually people just use https// instead of http// and then proxy has nothing to do, but with your server this does not work. It would be good if you could enable https//.


09-07-2005 21:10:29

I don't think we'll be able to setup SSL for awhile - not for just an subversion repository. We would probably look to run the repo on another port that wouldn't commonly be proxied as well as the default port.