CVS access


21-05-2003 07:32:08

It appears promsing. Can you provide cvs details for checkout pls?
I'd like to test and provide feedback. I have tried cacti (beta rel), but has problems with collection (especially when a host is unavailable - it affects graphs of all sources). Would like to give NetMRG a go.


22-05-2003 20:35:38

Well, I'm sure you realized that the website is still 'beta', as well as the software (although, we'd like to think that it's coming along well). You can access the cvs repository through the command below.
Be warned, however, that there won't be any official support for upgrading the the release (whenever that is). Although, there shouldn't be any major database changes in the near future; most of the changes should just be web page changes (which a 'cvs update' should take care of). With that warning in place, the command

cvs -d co netmrg

Unfortunately, I have no idea when a release date is. I'm both moving and getting married within the next month, so I'm not sure if we can get the release out before then. We are trying, though.


23-05-2003 07:35:31

Thanks. I'll give it a go.
Once I get it running I'll update from CVS on a regular basis whilst the final release is prepared.
(Congratulations BTW - I don't know you personally, but it's seems rude not to mention it)