NetMRG really scales! Here's my feedback


05-08-2004 10:25:58

I've sertup NetMRG on my company's network, and with almost 100 devices being polled, these are the stats!

This is a Dual Xeon 3.06GHz and cpu average is about 5% with more services running on the machine!
Just look at the number of snmp polls we're doing and the runtime of NetMRG (the time it takes to gather all the info every 5 mins)
I can only say [bf44e0252ba]IMPRESSIVE[/bf44e0252ba] !


05-08-2004 10:42:01

Thanks for the great feedback! Our main installation for NetMRG has been a regional ISP so we know how important it is to keep the runtime down; the threaded poller is designed to do just that.
Your runtime stats with that many checks are very impressive. Thanks for the good word!