Compile MIB?


06-10-2005 19:14:43

Hey all.. I'm trying to use NetMRG to graph some snmp info related to our Dynamo APP server. Doesn't seem like NetMRG understands the Dynamo MIB. Anyone know how I can compile the Dynamo mib and configure NetMRG to understand that mib?


06-10-2005 21:25:24

As netmrg uses net-snmp's libraries, you should just have to make it so that the net-snmp utilities on the server netmrg is running on can use the mib (that means installing it wherever it is you install mibs, and modifying your snmp.conf file). If you need more help on how to do this, let us know what OS you have and where your net-snmp is installed.
Otherwise, you can just figure out what the full OIDs are and just enter those in.
Either way, you just add the stuff to the "SNMP Tests" section, then you can add monitors to your device (and eventually graphs).



07-10-2005 16:46:40

Thanks for the advice!

I've tried putting the Dynamo3Mib.mib into my NetMRG host's /usr/share/snmp/mibs dir. That doesn't seem to help. I'm not too sure what else I should do.. I appreciate any further advice you can provide.

I'm using RedHat Enterprise 2.1

My net-snmp is installed via package so the binaries are in /usr/bin ; the conf files are /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf and /usr/local/share/snmp/snmp*.conf/*


08-10-2005 09:44:37

Additionally, you'll need to create a /etc/snmp/snmp.conf file with a line similar to
mib +Dynamo3Mib

The actual contents of whats after the '+' are going to be near the beginning of your .mib file - it's usually named similar to what the file is named, but the case might be different.
After this, you can try running 'snmpwalk's from the box using the mib and seeing if they will resolve the correct OID.



09-10-2005 00:00:20

Hey Doug! That definitely did the trick..

*** triton is the netmrg server; is the Dynamo server.

jtran@triton /usr/share/snmp/mibs # snmpwalk -v 1 -c public
SNMPv2-SMIenterprises.2725. = INTEGER 20

The OID -- dbMaxConn Integer32

So it's looking fine onthe Net-SNMP side.

I created the Test device (Database MaxConn), assign it to a group (DYNAMO), and then a monitored device (SERVERNAME DYNAMO), and then a sub-device (db check).

When I check on the monitored device for 'Availability', it says "SNMP Failed".

I ensured the monitored device has the correct settings

Device Type Dynamo
read community public
UDP Port 8870

Here is the lastrun.log

NetMRG starting.
[Dev 0004] Starting device thread at 2005-10-08 205500.
[Dev 0011] Starting device thread at 2005-10-08 205500.
[Dev 0011] Device is SNMP-dead. Avoiding SNMP tests.
[Dev 0011] Ending device thread at 2005-10-08 205500, after a duration of 0 seconds.
Thread Ended.
[Dev 0004] Ending device thread at 2005-10-08 205500, after a duration of 0 seconds.
Thread Ended.

I have another group named "network devices", and a monitored device named "router name" that monitors a Cisco 2500 and looks like is working fine. Its SNMP availability is "SNMP Uptime 427 days, 234040". So this leads me to believe the net-snmp interface to netmrg is working properly. What do you think I'm configuring wrong for the Dynamo monitor?


09-10-2005 14:45:42

Try selecting the "Disable SNMP Uptime Check" when editing the device in question. It is possible it doesn't support the MIB NetMRG uses to determine if the device is reachable.