ip/interface statistics from router for clients behind it


20-01-2006 12:38:28

I have on linux router (internet)eth0192.168.0.0/30 (lan)eth1 (of course ip are public + proxy arp). I want login with snmp on router and get statistic each bandwidth client -Is it possible ? - Normally we can get statistics each interface, but may I get ip behind router?



20-01-2006 14:29:56

By far the easiest way to get bandwidth usage per-device (be it a person's PC, a printer, server, etc) is to get a managed switch. This way you can get per-port bandwidth statistics just as you're used to monitoring your linux router.

Without that option, you could do something like write some iptables rules (see this guy's example) and have the output of "iptables -v" either read into a mysql table by a script, or have some script that can give you either the "in" or "out" for each IP that netmrg can call (given netmrg is running on your firewall).

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in trying, let us know and we'll help you through the details.